Waterstone Founders & Mission

In 2015, three health professionals, including a psychologist and two physicians, came together joined by a common goal; to make a positive impact on the devastation of the opioid epidemic. Though driven by different backgrounds, motivations and skill sets, the commonality that bound them was a desire to provide  the highest quality of patient care based on a foundation of best addiction treatment practices, accepting all insurances and the goal of saving lives from the destruction and fatality associated with this epidemic. The Waterstone model and philosophy offers outpatient treatment that is highly individualized, collaborative, accessible, compassionate, flexible, and comprehensive. Based on this model, a new and independent center was opened in New Haven, Connecticut in early 2021. Our results motivate us to continue providing what we believe to be the best outpatient program for addiction treatment in Connecticut.

Meet Our Team

Service Region

Waterstone Counseling Centers serve New London, New Haven and Middlesex Counties, Connecticut.