WCC Founders & Mission

Since 2015, Waterstone Counseling Centers has been treating individuals dealing with addiction and co-occurring challenges. It was founded by medical and psychological providers who are driven by a passion for addiction treatment. Our staff of compassionate and licensed professionals are on hand to care for your individual treatment needs and goals to address a variety of issues including anxiety, depression or substance use. We incorporate best treatment model practices, expert addiction treatment knowledge and a thorough understanding of the overwhelming factors individuals face during recovery to create an individualized recovery plan. We understand that finding the right treatment center or therapist can be difficult. At Waterstone, everyone who reaches out to us for treatment or advice about treatment options is valued and made to feel safe during initial inquiry.  We ensure that each potential client understands all the recovery options open to them and determine if and how our treatment program may be the best fit for their goals.

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Service Region

Waterstone Counseling Centers serve New London, New Haven and Middlesex Counties, Connecticut. The medication component of our MAT program requires a regional service area, however, our unique Integrated Psychotherapy services are available to a non-local community through telehealth solutions and our interactive education platform.