Collaboration & Community

The Waterstone initiative develops strong bonds with the community through ongoing collaborative relations and community services. We provide free counseling services to emergency and healthcare first responders and their families. Our clinical experts have developed continuing education learning resources for professional colleagues to stay abreast of contemporary advances in addiction medicine, confounding disorders and integrated psychotherapy modalities. In addition to evidence-based clinical practices and state-of-the-art techniques, we provide resources for clients and families to firm up a general foundation that is conducive to whole-person wellbeing, including the fostering of nourishing social/community relations, education and screening resources on mental and physical health, and self-guided learning platforms available to our members and the community at large.

Outreach Initiatives

Questions on any current or upcoming events, initiatives or resources? Please call (203) 245-0412 or email:

Service Region

Waterstone Addiction Medicine services Central, Coastal & Southern Connecticut.