Assessment & Evaluation

The culture at Waterstone is one of openness and honesty. We are free of judgment or punitive approaches. A relapse means that we work harder on your Person Centered Recovery Plan (see Treatment Modalities) to avoid future setbacks. Clients are encouraged to talk openly in group psychotherapy and individual psychotherapy about any setbacks. Recovery plans are shared openly in group and there is trust and caring in the group process.

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program requires weekly urine samples for review. Weekly drug testing is done in-house via urinalysis instant cups and laboratory analysis. We also randomly use mouth swabs as a secondary method for checking the accuracy of the urinalysis screening.

Service Region

Servicing Southern, Central & Coastal regions of Connecticut.

We Can Help


HELP Is On The Way

We are unique in our capacity to develop individualized substance use therapy that combines proven cutting-edge medicine with professional, compassionate psychotherapy in a welcoming environment. We are employing telemedicine for safety during the COVID-19 crisis.



Medication-assisted addiction therapy (MAT) strategies have been demonstrated to be more effective than therapy-alone and medication-alone strategies to treat addiction by a growing body of empirical evidence. Our approach is evidence-based and  highly flexible for custom tailored care.


LONG-TERM  Outcomes

Our highly personalized MAT program is designed to tailor the best treatment option in a healing environment that is conducive to providing our clients long term success. Our emphasis on whole-person healing is reflected in our home-like environments and  staff-client relations.



It is our philosophy that every individual is unique and has unique challenges. Our clinicians and counselors believe firmly in what they do, but mostly they believe that our programs work. We do not simply deploy clinical protocols to our clients, we provide individualized caring solutions.